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The 31st chapter of Altars Destruction starts on the 6th September 2017


Altars Destruction: is a vision that God has given to his servant Apostle LMK for the church body of Christ at this time of the end, it is also a dispensation which means weighing out; the authority to preach and to teach the gospel or a new way of God to operate, his manifestation to inaugurate a new time in the walk with his people, and also the revelation that Lord has given to his church to come out of darkness in which it was found.
This evangelic campaign will start from 6th to 17th of September 2017.
After 29th and 30th chapter, the 31st chapter will take place during 2017.
The particularity of this evangelic event consist in providing astute information to ( more)

  1. "The law of fatherhood in the ministry" (teaching of Sunday, 3rd September 2017)
  2. "The Role of the Father in the Ministry" (teaching of Sunday, 20th August 2017)
  3. "The Duty and paternal responsibility" (teaching of Sunday, 13th August 2017)
  4. "The Law and importance of the fatherhood in the priesthood"(teaching of Sunday, 6th August 2017)



Prof. Jane Applegate Phd.

Leopold MUTOMBO KALOMBO was born in Kinshasa the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo. Received the Lord on the 5th of April 1974, son of the patriarch AIDINI ABALA, this man of God, is one of the main pioneers who spearheaded the spiritual revival in Africa French-speaking countries. After giving his life to Jesus-Christ, Apostle Leopold MUTOMBO received the Lord’s call by the revelation of Jesus-Christ who appear to him in 1976, calling him in ministry..

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