Until now, Go is still calling people in Ministry. And each on accomplishes his mission at his time.

What is a ministry? We define it as:

  • The calling of a Man at the divine service;
  • A plot of authority that God gives to whom he has called;
  • An independent role to exercise several departments.

By department, we mean that many services are organized in the performance of his mission to achieve the purpose for which God has set him aside. It should be noted that the Kingdom of God is organized and structured as a government that Jesus Christ is the King, with representatives designated by him-self to execute his plan of salvation for humanity. Those he chooses to exercise this work have the quality of "Minister". According to Ephesians 4: 11, are as ministers in the local Church:

  • Apostles
  • Prophets
  • Evangelists
  • Pastors
  • Doctors

When God calls an authentic minister, the first sign by which we recognize it, is his message. It is also true that the message confirms him, must also be special and different from exhortations, preaching, or strengthening. His divine speech must be also revealed. The apostolic message includes three types of preaching, namely:

  • Evangelical preaching
  • Sacerdotal and doctrinal preaching
  • Prophetic preaching

We understand that this message has unsympathetic riches of Christ, intelligence and choir of the mysteries of Christ ever manifested the sons of men in other generations. An authentic anointed apostle as we know must be able to:
• To address all the major subjects or issues of the Bible;
• Set the church in relation to the prophetic time in terms of the moment or time events;
• prepare the Church to the voice of the archangel for his convocation in the air.

We believe the reclassification of the concept “ministry” because of false servants who disguise and stimulate confusion at this end of the age. Therefore three basic things justify an authentic call especially: the salvation of souls, edification and the perfecting of saints (Matthew 24: 45- 46)