The destruction of altars is a clear vision that we have received from the Lord Jesus-Christ for his church in this end of the age. It is also a dispensation, by dispensation we mean: 1. A revelation that the Lord gave to his church for getting out of darkness, in which it is absorbed. For, a dispensation is a mystery kept secret by God until the time set by him-self. 2. The way of God to operate, his manifestation to usher a new era in his walk with his people. It is by amazing things, incredible, terrifying and frightful that God has always started a dispensation, it means what the eye has not seen and the ear has not heard, for example: - The sea that is separated by a stick; - Jesus-Christ is walking on the water; - The shadow of Peter and Paul's handkerchiefs that heal the sick. The destruction of altars is an anointing, and that anointing accompanies the speech to announce the supernatural, to confirm the origin of the heavenly sublime vision. The anointing is the supernatural capacity that man receives from God to do what YHWH himself would have done. It is the supernatural force that allows man to do or produce deeds of God, to achieve the impossible (things), humanly said.

The destruction of altars is a very different divine program from other evangelical activities that are carried on the healing and deliverance, which are based on heredity, witchcraft, tradition or bewitchment... This program is a table or an array that includes all the negative spirituality: - Organization (hierarchy) - Operation (implementation of plans) - The procedure (strategies). The task of an authentic apostle is to reveal the mysteries. We have two types of kingdom: - God's kingdom which is a kingdom of light and - The kingdom of the devil which is a kingdom of darkness. There are two kinds of mysteries to reveal at this end of the age: the mystery of God (the grace) and mystery of the devil (iniquity).

Strategically, to achieve the objectives of this divine vision, we have expressed into series of chapters or lessons. These are best informations that we put at the disposal of the Church to unmask the enemy and his agents who act with face covered against us. Note: we still affirm that: "this is the best information about your enemy which will make you a winner.

Our methods, as instruction procedure and equipment of God's children, is to organize altars destruction campaigns by chapter in order to provide the Church by the best (sharp) and qualitative information about the enemy, which will allow the church to destroy him and his projects (Nehemiah 4). These meetings are local and draw huge crowds who come from everywhere and are edified or enlightened by the information that they have never heard before.

Hit the enemy before he strikes you." The purpose of information allows us to be in a strong position because it is the right information that determines the victory in Jesus-Christ. The enemy must be surprised by our preventive attacks rather than the opposite. Prayer is an offensive weapon; it allows us to attack the enemy in order to destroy him and his plans against us. Strategic prayer is very different from ordinary prayer. By Strategic prayer, we mean one that is motivated by the quality of informations received in the teachings. My new life must produce or effect a new way of praying.